J.P. Licks

Thank you for considering J.P. Licks for your fundraising efforts! We enjoy giving back to the community and support hundreds of local groups each year. To be considered for a donation from J.P. Licks, please read the F.A.Q., fill out the form, and we will be back in touch ASAP!


What does J.P. Licks donate?

We support our local communities by donating in-kind donations such as gift cards, special certificates, and sometimes even tubs of ice cream! (Please note: ice cream donations are only for events of 50 people or less)

Who does J.P. Licks donate to?

We donate to small, local organizations and schools. The organization you are fundraising for (or the event you are having) must directly benefit one or more of the communities local to our stores (and telling us how will increase your chances of approval!).

Will J.P. Licks donate ice cream to our event?

In 2017 alone, we donated nearly 800 tubs of ice cream to events and schools all over Boston! To be considered for an ice cream donation, your event must be for 50 people or less. Each ice cream donation will include 1 tub of ice cream, kiddie cups, napkins, spoons and an ice cream scoop, and will be available via scheduled pick-up at one of our locations. If you are seeking ice cream for a group of more than 50, please contact our catering department ( / 617.524.5266) with the details of your event, and we can provide you with wholesale pricing options. 2.5 gallon tubs of ice cream can also be purchased from all our stores at anytime for $59.

How long until we hear back with a decision?

Donations are reviewed on a weekly basis. Due to the volume of requests, please allow a full week to hear back with an answer and please understand that we need to know about your event at least 2 weeks in advance for consideration. All requests will receive a response either way.

What happens if we’re approved?

You will receive an approval email with specifics, but ice cream donations will need to be scheduled for pick-up from one of our stores as far in advance as possible, and silent auction or raffle items will be mailed to the address you provide below.

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